ShopMissA $1 haul + new blog!


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If you’re internet savvy, love accessories, and strive to spend the absolute cheapest amount you can on literally everything, then you’ve maybe heard of ShopMissA.  ShopMissA is a site that sells various jewelry, accessories, and beauty products for $1.  I first heard about it while browsing YouTube and finally decided to give it a try a couple of weeks ago.  For today’s post, I’ll discuss what I purchased and my thoughts on the items I’ve tried out so far.  Spoiler Alert: I’m mildly addicted to this site and already planning my next order. My Order (Click to see it on the site) and Quick Review:

  • Face and Body Bronzer – 3 Bronze Radiance
    • ☆☆ – The little hearts actually rub off so that they are all the same basic bronze color.  It’s not very blendable, not plush, and the shimmer isn’t very fine so it looks very unflattering on my face.
  • Kleancolor Madly Matte Lipstick #6 Raven
    • plaid2
    • ☆☆☆ – The formula on these lipsticks is very waxy therefore to get the color to payoff like it looks on the tub you need to put on several layers, you can acheive a dark bold color though, so that’s a plus.  I almost don’t mind the waxy base, I feel like it lasts longer this way.  I wouldn’t wear these on a date but they would be super fun to play with for Halloween for sure.  Pictured above is catalina.
  • Kleancolor Madly Matte Lipstick #3 Catalina
    • ☆☆☆ – See above.
  • Kleancolor Metalic Nail Foil Stickers A15
    • I haven’t gotten to try these yet! So excited though! I love nail stickers because I’m too lazy to do my own nails all fancy like.
  • Kleancolor Eyelashes NLS028
    • Haven’t tried these yet.  They look gorgeous though!
  • Kleancolor Angled Brow Brush
    • I’ll be using this for gel liner. I’ll let you know how I like it!
  • Stainless Steel Eyebrow Scissors
    • I haven’t used these yet, but they feel very sturdy and not cheap or flimsy like sewing scissors.
  • Santee Sexy Colors 6 Eyeshadow 6 #2
    • ☆☆☆ – I love eye palettes for my lazy days when I don’t feel like mixing and matching with 5 different pigment pots.  These are lovely colors that go great together. My favorite is the bronzey shade.  Unfortunately they don’t swatch very well on the skin.  Pigmentation could be better but for a $1 palette I’m super satisfied.
  • Eyelashes 047
    • Haven’t tried these yet.  They look gorgeous though!
  • AOA Wonder Blender Purple Teardrop
    • I have only used this once with foundation that wasn’t great and I haven’t tried it wet yet.  Some people reviewed that they thought there’s was too firm but from my initial use I didn’t have a problem with firmness.
  • Metallic Sword Pen
    • ☆☆☆☆☆ – This is such a random purchase but it look awesome and I wanted it. Not disappointed haha.  The pen part is actually really nice.  Smooth gel ink from a very fine point.  It’s not a bic pen.  I really like this!
  • 12 Pair Glitter Rose Stud Earring Set
    • ☆☆☆ – These are okay, I actually didn’t realize at the time that there were so many repeated pairs.  You actually only get 7 unique pairs, the other 5 pairs are repeats.   Currently wearing these:
    •  earrings
  • Perfect Wear Eyeshadow Stick – Golden Bronze
    • ☆☆☆☆☆- I love this.  It’s so pigmented and smooth and the color payout is gorgeous.  I want to buy all of these. All. of. them.

SWATCHES:  Pictured are the Perfect  Wear Eyeshadow stick in Golden Bronze and the Kleancolor Madly Matte Lipsticks in Raven and Catalina.

  $1 x 13 + $3.95 shipping = $16.95 So I didn’t love every single item from this haul, I’m A-okay with that.  I have a bunch of items in my cart that I’m even more excited to try.  They offer some $1 foundations that I think would be fun to review and I’m in love with their boho-style jewelry so I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that.   Pin this post!

I cancelled Ipsy

Sigh. You read the title, its true. After being a subscriber of Ipsy’s $10 monthly “glam bags” since September of 2014 I recieved my last bag last week after deciding to cancel.  When I first signed up for Ipsy I lived in the middle of nowhere, was on a seriously tight budget, and wanted some monthly mail to keep me from splurging on crappy drugstore makeup that I didn’t even like.  For that purpose it worked well.  Now, I live in a big city with an Ulta about 5 minutes from my apartment.  My Ipsy bag was no longer keeping me from spending money on makeup once I moved to an area with more options to buy things.

I think that if you’re really into trying new products and you don’t like spending a lot of money to test things, Ipsy and similar bags are a great options.  I was excited to receive my package every month and I know I’ll miss getting them.  I had to finally admit to myself that I just wasn’t that into the products I was receiving anymore.  I had retaken the test on the website, switched preferences, rated things, etc and there were several months in a row when I was just “meh” about what I had recieved.  I started keeping a separate drawer of sample products that I needed to try out in order to keep myself accountable for using stuff I actually received instead of just throwing it somewhere until the next bag came. The bags are always cute too and fun to collect but now I have like 20 and nothing to put in them, haha.  I think the last kicker was the fact that even though there were a few products I really liked, the chances of me actually repurchasing stuff was really slim as most full size products were out of my price range and I’m a cheapskate. Sooo…

That all being said, I DO have a post planned where I talk about the samples I got through Ipsy over the past year or so that I would (and will) repurchase.

School has been kicking my but lately, but I have lots and lots of posts planned including an Etsy soap haul, all my ulta goodies, a foundation review (or two!), and my ebay haul that I’ve been collecting for for ages.

That’s it for this post today, I mostly just wanted to chat with y’all since I hadn’t posted in a bit. 🙂

Hope everyone’s enjoying their February!

Review + Swatches: City Colors Eyeshadow Trio Falling Leaves

City Colors Cosmetics
eyeshadow trio in Falling Leaves

Hey everyone! Today is a review on the City Colors Cosmetics eyeshadow trio in Falling Leaves.  I received this is my January ipsy bag and have fun trying it out.  I’m actually kind of phasing out of eyeshadows for the most part.  I tend to go for a lot more neutral colors these days and don’t put much variation in my everyday looks.  I liked the oranges of the Falling Leaves trio because they were still on the “neutral” side kind of with just a bit of warmth.  This is a perfect palette for fall obviously but I think they’re great winter shades too.


This trio contains a matt pumpkin base shade, a light peachy orange, and a dark bronze brown shade.  Overall, I thought these were nicely pigmented, especially the darker color, which also happens to be my favorite of the three.


These pigments apply pretty smoothly.  The matte orange isn’t quite as pigmented as the other two so it does take at least two layers to get the rich orange.  I didn’t find a difference in color payoff between using primer and not using it.  At least the few times I’ve used them so far, I haven’t had an issue with much fallout which is definitely a plus for me.

 When I wore these colors on Friday, I used Thank Me Later eye primer. After 4 hours, I found these colors still looked the same with no creasing.  After 8 hours, there was a bit of creasing.  This may have been the fault of the primer. Today, I have applied the colors without primer and at three hours, color still looks good.  I’ll update at the end of the the night if it showed creasing without using a shadow primer.

City Cosmetics lists this trio on their website as $5.99 which I think is a great price and is pretty accurate as to what I would say its worth. Its better than some of the cheapo brands but not quite as pigmented as higher end eyeshadows like Too Faced. For $6, this little trio is a pretty good deal and a great compromise if you’re looking for a convenient eyeshadow palette.



I thought this was a nice little eyeshadow compact with three shades that compliment each other very nicely.  I have red hair, green eyes, and fair skin and the colors worked very well on me.  They blended fairly nicely although the matte shade was a little bit harder to work with and not as smooth.  Pigmentation was midrange, I’ve seen worse but I’ve definitely seen better.  Would I buy this again? Maybe. If I found a good deal on the price then sure.  I have a couple other products from City Colors Cosmetics so I feel like I’d try other eyeshadows based on this review.

UP NEXT: e.l.f bb cream review for pale skin and NYX HD concealer.   Also thinking about a weekly Indie “try out” post, but I’m to ideas! Tell me what you want to see. 🙂