Colourpop Haul/Swatches + Mini Review

Hey all! Long time no see! Things are looking up though as today I am bringing you a gorgeous haul from Colourpop. This is actually my first Colourpop haul so you can imagine my excitement after the all the hype about this company. Let me not tell you, they do not disappoint!

Here’s what I got. I’m including swatches and a mini review for the products I’ve tried.  Let me know if you’d like to see more swatches or an in depth review on anything!

  • Lippie to Go Collection in Hot to Trot
    • Cookie // Skimpy
    • Cami // Bound
    • LBB // LBB
    • Trust Me // Bossy
    • Chateau // Dukes
  • Out And About liquid lipstick bundle
    • Viper – Ultra Matte Lip
    • Times Square – Ultra Matte Lip
    • Baracuda – Ultra Satin Lip
  • All Nighter Super Shock Shadow Collection
    • Smash – Satin
    • Vega – Metalic
    • To-A-T – Matte
    • Mooning – Pearlized
Thus far, I’ve only tried two of the products but I’ll give you a quick overview on my thoughts.
  • Times Square Ultra Matte Lip review – This is the first time I’ve ever tried a lip product from Colourpop and I was seriously blown away. I’ve tried a few different liquid lipsticks in my time, my current favorite brand was Nyx’s liquid suede. This feels completely different and definitely takes the number one spot.  You know how HD powder is so finely milled that it feels like a silky smooth texture? That’s what these liquid lipsticks feel like on your lips.  The formula is quite a bit thinner than Nyx and they dry down and set very quickly. Less than 15 seconds.  What really caught me by surprise was the lasting power. I applied this lipstick at 8am and took it off at 5pm.  That’s 9 hours of wear. It looked the exact same as it did when I originally applied it.  That was even after eating and drinking.  I’m so in love you guys.  If the rest of the lip sticks wear this well I might just have a new obsession
  • Chateau & Dukes Lippie To Go review – This looks a lot richer on the lips than when swatched. On my camera it looks more like a dark berry but in normal interior lighting it looks like a very dark brick red or wine color. Its very lovely. It doesn’t have that silky smooth feel like the ultra matte liquid lipstick did but it still does apply matte.  edit;; I’ve had it on for about 4 hours now and it doesn’t have near the same lasting power as the liquid lipstick I wore today but its still not bad. Just wears off somewhat patchy on the inside of the lip.  For short term wear though, I still like this and I think its on par with most other lipsticks.
At this rate, I’ll be trying more colourpop products soon! What are your favorites?

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