Five Minute Pony-tail Curls

So I found this sweet little trick on youtube and if you haven’t tried it you’re really missing out on a super fast way to style your hair.  I’m a natural blonde so my hair is quite thin so this took me about 6 minutes total to do.

1. Comb hair to remove tangles.
2.Place hair in a pony tail on top of your head or as high as you can get it.  I flipped my hair over and then put it up so that the pony tail would sit right on top.
3. Using your favorite curling iron, separate your hair into small or large sections and wrap the hair around the barrel holding for a few seconds and then releasing. You can use whatever size sections and hold them for as long as you like depending on how tight you want your curls/waves to look.  I have a Remington 1inch ceramic curling wand thats clip-less and tapered.  Its fantastic and I definitely recommend you take a look at it if you’re in the market for a super affording curling iron.  And for this style pictured left I think I held the hair on the iron for about 8 seconds.  Next time I”ll do a shorter time to get a more wavy look.
4.After you’re curled the entire pony tail, take the elastic out and run your fingers through the pieces to separate.  Part hair as desired.
5. Curl a few extra sections – one on each side of your face and a couple on the top layer of hair on each side to give the top section a bit more body.  You don’t need to re-curl the whole top, just one or two pieces blended in looks great.
6. Optional: Spritz with hairspray…or don’t if you want a more natural, less structured look.

This is probably my new favorite technique as its so fast and I absolutely despise having to section off my hair all particular like to make sure every piece gets curled.  This solves that issue.

Side note, I really can’t wait til my hair is long long again. Sigh.

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