I cancelled Ipsy

Sigh. You read the title, its true. After being a subscriber of Ipsy’s $10 monthly “glam bags” since September of 2014 I recieved my last bag last week after deciding to cancel.  When I first signed up for Ipsy I lived in the middle of nowhere, was on a seriously tight budget, and wanted some monthly mail to keep me from splurging on crappy drugstore makeup that I didn’t even like.  For that purpose it worked well.  Now, I live in a big city with an Ulta about 5 minutes from my apartment.  My Ipsy bag was no longer keeping me from spending money on makeup once I moved to an area with more options to buy things.

I think that if you’re really into trying new products and you don’t like spending a lot of money to test things, Ipsy and similar bags are a great options.  I was excited to receive my package every month and I know I’ll miss getting them.  I had to finally admit to myself that I just wasn’t that into the products I was receiving anymore.  I had retaken the test on the website, switched preferences, rated things, etc and there were several months in a row when I was just “meh” about what I had recieved.  I started keeping a separate drawer of sample products that I needed to try out in order to keep myself accountable for using stuff I actually received instead of just throwing it somewhere until the next bag came. The bags are always cute too and fun to collect but now I have like 20 and nothing to put in them, haha.  I think the last kicker was the fact that even though there were a few products I really liked, the chances of me actually repurchasing stuff was really slim as most full size products were out of my price range and I’m a cheapskate. Sooo…

That all being said, I DO have a post planned where I talk about the samples I got through Ipsy over the past year or so that I would (and will) repurchase.

School has been kicking my but lately, but I have lots and lots of posts planned including an Etsy soap haul, all my ulta goodies, a foundation review (or two!), and my ebay haul that I’ve been collecting for for ages.

That’s it for this post today, I mostly just wanted to chat with y’all since I hadn’t posted in a bit. 🙂

Hope everyone’s enjoying their February!

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