Drugstore Pale Skin Foundation Collection + Swatches

    Hey all! So today I’m bringing you my foundation collection including swatches.  First, just a little background on my skin. I am approximately an NC/NW10 with dry to combo skin. I tend to get moderately oily on my forehead throughout the day but nothing crazy.  Dry patches around my nose/upper lip and occasionally around my jawline.  I am very pale with slight yellow undertones. My foundation journey has been a struggle to say the least. I find that the palest shades in almost all foundations are either too orange or too pink on my skin. Out of this batch, the fourth swatch, Fit Me Matte+Poreless in 110 Porcelain is the best match that I have. It is every so slightly too pink, like so slight, but I make it work.  
    The last two foundations here are not really “pale skin” foundation but I did include them because I was tan for a brief while and it gives you something to kind of gauge the light foundations against.  These swatches are kind of thick, so in the images you can see that they are mostly dried with some wet spots so keep that in mind it might change the color somewhat.  The oxidation is also apparent.  
    These swatches are also helpful if you’re looking into the Fit Me line by Maybelline.  Its so important to keep in mind that all of their formulas are different, even if it says the same shade. For example, the fourth and fifth swatches are both 110 but you can see the dewy+smooth foundation is really a full shade darker. Also, both six and seven are both 120 but the stick foundation is much much more pink undertoned.  I know this logic applies to a lot of foundation brands with different formulations so make sure to test things out first when you can or keep your receipts so you can return what doesn’t work for you.
    The next post will be a haul of all my asian foundations and bb creams that I’ve purchased recently and some impressions. I’m so excited to get my shipment so stay tuned for that!
    Foundations from left to right.
    • NYX HD Concealer in 01
    • Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation in Ivory
    • Wet N Wild BB Cream in Light
    • Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless in 110 Porcelain
    • Maybelline Fit Me Dewy+Smooth in 110 Porcelain
    • Maybelline Fit Me Stick in 120 Classic Ivory
    • Maybelline Fit Me Dewy+Smooth in 120 Classic Ivory
    • Rimmel Lasting Finish in 200 Soft Beige
    • Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless in 228 Soft Tan
    In natural lighting, late day.

    In front of ring light.

    Colourpop Haul/Swatches + Mini Review

    Hey all! Long time no see! Things are looking up though as today I am bringing you a gorgeous haul from Colourpop. This is actually my first Colourpop haul so you can imagine my excitement after the all the hype about this company. Let me not tell you, they do not disappoint!

    Here’s what I got. I’m including swatches and a mini review for the products I’ve tried.  Let me know if you’d like to see more swatches or an in depth review on anything!

    • Lippie to Go Collection in Hot to Trot
      • Cookie // Skimpy
      • Cami // Bound
      • LBB // LBB
      • Trust Me // Bossy
      • Chateau // Dukes
    • Out And About liquid lipstick bundle
      • Viper – Ultra Matte Lip
      • Times Square – Ultra Matte Lip
      • Baracuda – Ultra Satin Lip
    • All Nighter Super Shock Shadow Collection
      • Smash – Satin
      • Vega – Metalic
      • To-A-T – Matte
      • Mooning – Pearlized
    Thus far, I’ve only tried two of the products but I’ll give you a quick overview on my thoughts.
    • Times Square Ultra Matte Lip review – This is the first time I’ve ever tried a lip product from Colourpop and I was seriously blown away. I’ve tried a few different liquid lipsticks in my time, my current favorite brand was Nyx’s liquid suede. This feels completely different and definitely takes the number one spot.  You know how HD powder is so finely milled that it feels like a silky smooth texture? That’s what these liquid lipsticks feel like on your lips.  The formula is quite a bit thinner than Nyx and they dry down and set very quickly. Less than 15 seconds.  What really caught me by surprise was the lasting power. I applied this lipstick at 8am and took it off at 5pm.  That’s 9 hours of wear. It looked the exact same as it did when I originally applied it.  That was even after eating and drinking.  I’m so in love you guys.  If the rest of the lip sticks wear this well I might just have a new obsession
    • Chateau & Dukes Lippie To Go review – This looks a lot richer on the lips than when swatched. On my camera it looks more like a dark berry but in normal interior lighting it looks like a very dark brick red or wine color. Its very lovely. It doesn’t have that silky smooth feel like the ultra matte liquid lipstick did but it still does apply matte.  edit;; I’ve had it on for about 4 hours now and it doesn’t have near the same lasting power as the liquid lipstick I wore today but its still not bad. Just wears off somewhat patchy on the inside of the lip.  For short term wear though, I still like this and I think its on par with most other lipsticks.
    At this rate, I’ll be trying more colourpop products soon! What are your favorites?

    I cancelled Ipsy

    Sigh. You read the title, its true. After being a subscriber of Ipsy’s $10 monthly “glam bags” since September of 2014 I recieved my last bag last week after deciding to cancel.  When I first signed up for Ipsy I lived in the middle of nowhere, was on a seriously tight budget, and wanted some monthly mail to keep me from splurging on crappy drugstore makeup that I didn’t even like.  For that purpose it worked well.  Now, I live in a big city with an Ulta about 5 minutes from my apartment.  My Ipsy bag was no longer keeping me from spending money on makeup once I moved to an area with more options to buy things.

    I think that if you’re really into trying new products and you don’t like spending a lot of money to test things, Ipsy and similar bags are a great options.  I was excited to receive my package every month and I know I’ll miss getting them.  I had to finally admit to myself that I just wasn’t that into the products I was receiving anymore.  I had retaken the test on the website, switched preferences, rated things, etc and there were several months in a row when I was just “meh” about what I had recieved.  I started keeping a separate drawer of sample products that I needed to try out in order to keep myself accountable for using stuff I actually received instead of just throwing it somewhere until the next bag came. The bags are always cute too and fun to collect but now I have like 20 and nothing to put in them, haha.  I think the last kicker was the fact that even though there were a few products I really liked, the chances of me actually repurchasing stuff was really slim as most full size products were out of my price range and I’m a cheapskate. Sooo…

    That all being said, I DO have a post planned where I talk about the samples I got through Ipsy over the past year or so that I would (and will) repurchase.

    School has been kicking my but lately, but I have lots and lots of posts planned including an Etsy soap haul, all my ulta goodies, a foundation review (or two!), and my ebay haul that I’ve been collecting for for ages.

    That’s it for this post today, I mostly just wanted to chat with y’all since I hadn’t posted in a bit. 🙂

    Hope everyone’s enjoying their February!